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Townsville Rotary Markets Contacts 
Leave a clear message anytime on our voicemail with your name and contact number at the tone on our mobile telephone: 0477 477 040 for our operations manager to return your call.  
Calls/messages/emails received after 2pm Friday and before 10am Tuesday - will be responded to between 10am-2pm Tuesday  
If you are calling after 2pm Friday and trying to book a site for this weekend we will not be able to process your application in time.  
For Cotters and Willows you can attend the market (7.30am at Cotters and 6.30am at Willows) and ask the Rotary volunteers on duty to find you a site if one is available. Please note that your product range must meet our requirements. Please also bring a completed application form with you [Cotters], [Willows], to ensure we have your details so that we can contact you in regards to your future bookings. Unfortunately last minute attendance at the Strand Night markets is not available as it is normally fully booked weeks in advance. 
Calls/messages/emails received after 2pm Tuesday and before 10am Wednesday - will be responded to between 10am-2pm  Wednesday  
Calls/messages/emails received after 2pm Wednesday and before 10am Thursday - will be responded to between 10am-2pm  Thursday 
Calls/messages/emails received after 2pm Thursday and before 10am Friday - will be responded to between 10am-2pm  Friday 
or alternatively, 
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